What is the cost control and capacity coupled to a plan for continuous improvement of productivity?

All units and projects are administered individually with performance analyzes for competence and cash in addition to the operational performance indicators. Every month is held the confrontation between X performed budgeted per project where are developed continuous improvement projects and productivity. In São José dos Pinhais - PR exemplify deployments of OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001.


What is the overhead structure (people who support the bill, but do not work directly in the operation)?

AGM has a back office with over 20 professionals, including staff Intelligence Logistics


Estimate (based on your experience) absenteeism and turnover - How to mitigate these impacts?

We estimate a framework most 5% for Absenteeism coverage, as well as holiday staff. Accrued fines of FGTS (50%) for adjustments in the table to meet the unforeseen shutdowns before the termination.


What kind of training and skills that GM provides employees?

AGM has a professional development tool Web.


What is the capacity / flexibility synergy between operations than competitors?

We can offer synergies with other customers because they act on different segments.


Results and quality control system?

AGM is certified according to the standards of OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 units in Sao Jose dos Pinhais


Example of a focus on reducing costs throughout the operation:

During the years 2011 and 2012 AGM and Shell made a movement optimization project in the lubricant plant of Ilha do Governador in Rio de Janeiro bringing the palletizing rate of 30 to 90% of active material, generating 40% at load time and the risk of material handling. The Picking staff was reduced by 60%


What WMS systems are familiar with WMS, Oracle, OSB, SAP and others?

AGM has WMS and TMS own and is highly qualified to implementation, customization and operation of storage and transport systems with integrated or not with ERP SAP, Oracle and others


What is the productivity of control system efficiency, inventory management, etc.?

Cyclical and rotating inventories blind conference and use of collectors with consolidation via WMS


How it handled the volume change, peak unexpected operation, need of unexpected equipment, etc?

Volume changes to lower are handled via bank hours, for most are used existing resources in Baco hours, overtime, always within the legal and justifiable limit the HSE. We always seek to form Reserve Bank of candidates for immediate employment in case of demand. Another possible action is the cancellation of scheduled vacation added 12% of production capacity immediately.


What flexibility in case of unexpected changes? For example, you can hire temporary people easily, additional equipment only for peak operation, employee vacation, sick leave, etc.?

The AGM's management model is providing matrix actions and quick responses to operational demands and HR


How decisions are made in the AGM? How long it takes and who usually approves business decisions?

Flexibility is key success to size of the logistics company's AGM. The Unit Manager, the contract manager speak directly to the CEO, VP, CFO, COO AGM. All decisions are made promptly. 24h-48h