The AGM Group is formed by companies AGM Logistics and Documents AGMSBS Transportation Management, where we adopt the business model based on personalized service to our customers.


With over 50 years of experience in the storage area and logistics, we offer extensive know-how in the development of customized projects. Through a flexible structure, we offer integrated solutions to various segments, possessing warehouses and offices in Rio de Janeiro and Paraná.


Supplyr to the market and our customers intelligent and effective solutions in logistics management, ensuring the integrity of its assets, people and the environment, profitably, through the optimization and continuous improvement of our processes.




50.000 m²
Storage Area



Pallets Positions


AGM plans, processes, stores and manages the logistics of all the raw materials flow, supplies and industrial products, from the origin to the consumer, safety, punctuality and quality, meeting all the requirements of our customers.

To manage the integrated logistics, we have an integrated ERP system, fully online (WEB) with WMS modules, TMS Inventory, Audit, Billing and Call Center integrated to the main market management systems.

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We manage and operate the return and disposal of material goods after its sale and consumption.

AGM identifies, collects, separates, transports, and forwards it to the final destination solid waste, organic and inappropriate, safely and within the rules of the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).

The Reverse Logistics contributes to the preservation of the environment through the reuse of goods or safe disposal, allowing your company to comply with the law.


Outsourcing logistics of your company allows more time to focus on their core business, leaving the operation of the distribution centers, warehouses and fleet because of the AGM, replacing fixed costs and labor liabilities for variable costs.

Logistics operations in-house AGM use the same technology applied in their warehouses, and can work with its own resources or your company without getting rid of its assets.

Reduce your costs, focus on your business and leave the logistics to us.


AGM have warehouses in strategic locations in Rio de Janeiro/RJ and São José dos Pinhais/PR.

With 60,000m² of built area, the AGM has 360.000m³ of storage volume.

All stores follow strict security protocols with 24-hour monitoring and maximum fire protection.

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and Distribution

The AGM TMS (Transportation Management System) analyzes and develops solutions combined transport industries to distribution centers to end customers, such as cross docking, transport dedicated in all modes and clearance of goods, with approximately 200 vehicles (motorcycles , Fiorinos, Kombis, Vans, 3/4, play, truck, whether or not trucks with guindautos) for transport and distribution throughout the country.

The process begins with the analysis by the IL team (Intelligence Logistics) the needs of each customer; with the data supplied by the clients, start-up simulations of quotations and operation of freight in the various modes of transport.

AGM has invested in the development of wireless internet technology for monitoring of deliveries. When performing deliveries following their script, drivers already offer to the central via cell information which is immediately available to customers in the AGM Logic.


AGM, through the provision of logistics and document management services, with the Environmental Responsibility, Health and Safety of its employees, partners and people involved, as well as its engagement in the best practices of Social Responsibility, seeks the satisfaction of its clients acting in the continuous improvement of its processes, systems and services.

To this end, AGM undertakes to:

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AGM has a specialized service to keep documents, control and organization, being one of the first companies in Brazil to offer this service.