The system WMS Warehouse Management "Warehouse Management System" monitors the load from entering the distribution center, suggesting the best location, facilitating the separation and sending control reports, by separating with the application of labels with bar code, loading with validation volumes. Packing lists and statements printed on the docks are other features of the system, which guarantees a full control of inventory. The inventory module is the schedule planning rotating, monthly and annual inventories taking into account the ABC curve of each depositor; use of Wi-Fi collectors, providing online results; compared to corporate system pointing differences; Distribution of scores for operators, considering rotation for distribution of the first, second and third counts; It allows the performance control by operator.

With WMS AGM Logic can perform all the functions and steps:


system module that allows you to track all the performance of services. In addition to the IT resources for each delivery, the information is sent to the system, feeding the database. This same database allows the customer satisfaction survey, tracking the performance of services and the training of operations indicators, with event monitoring.



Through the website "" Our customers have access to the Internet for monitoring the delivery, requests and complaints modules, service statistics and others.
Our system is integrated and multi-function with intuitive reading interface.